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Welcome to Yndestad Gard Camping
Yndestad Gard is an all year open camping site, with pitches for 30 cars and
caravans. The camping site is located by the idyllic Yndestadvatnet (lake), which
is a 9km long water suitable for fishing. Here you can get both char and trout
on the hook.
The camping site is well equipped with power-supply and water-supply all year,
and waste stations for caravans. In addition, we have brand new sanitary
installations with six showers and six toilets.
The appealing barbeque hut by the water is suitable for pleasant warm or cold
The traditional lean-to by Yndestadhlen is an excellent place to relax
regardless of the weather, and has good fishing possibilities.
We have boats and canoes you can lend for peaceful fishing trips around the
farm. If you want to go for a further trip down the water, we can lend you
motors for the boats.
In the area around the camping site, you will find great hiking trails both for
long and short excursions in the mountains. If it is wanted, we can arrange
guided mountain hikes.

- Waist Station
- Sanitary   innstallation
- Barbeque hut
- Lean-to
- Boats
- Canoes
- Free fishing
- Foodservice
- Restaurant / Bar
- Hiking trails
- Activities
- Events
Permanent caravan  Pitches
In 2016, Yndesta d Gard established an area for permanent caravan pitches. Currently, we have built 8/12 permanent pitches. Some of them are already lent, and we have a great camping community there.
The pitches are 9x7 meters with gravel foundation, and have power meters installed. There are 4 meters of grass between each pitch. Here it is possible to park caravans and isocamp tents with terraces.

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Yndestad Gard Camping
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