6966 Guddal
Sogn & Fjordane
Tlf: 577 37 577
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Yndestad Gard is a beautiful farm located by Yndestadvatnet (a lake)  in Guddal, Fjaler municipality, Sogn & Fjordane.

It is the place for an enjoyable and active vacation, or relaxation in rural, stunning and refreshing nature from western Norway
Yndestad Gard
6966 Guddal         Tlf 577 37 577

Mail: yndestadgard@gmail.com

Experience western Norway
Fjaler- Our manicipality
Fjaler is a municipality in Sogn & Fjordane, on the southern side of Dalsfjorden. In east, Fjaler border on Gaular, and in south, Hyllestad and Høyanger. Across the fjord, you can find Solund in the west, and Askvoll in the north. Overall, Fjaler is rich in cultural heritage, and has a gorgeous landscape for you to explore.
Guddal- Our town
Guddal is a centrally located town with a short
distance to central facilities. 20 minutes to
store/post office. 40 minutes to the ferry
Lavik-Oppedal. 40 minutes to Førde city. 3
hours to Bergen city.
Fishing and Hunting
Fjords and mountains